Robert Hemstock, BComm, LLB

PPA Questions for the Government 

I'm hopeful this website will prompt a truthful disclosure of more information about the PPA mismanagement and will provide answers to a number of outstanding PPA related questions, including:

1) What was the cost to Alberta taxpayers of the Alberta Government's PPA Media Campaign in 2016?

2) What were the legal fees and other costs incurred by the Government of Alberta for the Attorney General's lawsuit against the PPA Buyers that was ended by the Alberta Government in March 2018?

3) Has the Government of Alberta or its insurer paid the legal fees incurred by Deputy Premier Hoffman and Ms. Oates in relation to my claim against them for defamation?  

4) Why has the full text of the Settlement Agreements between the Attorney General and each PPA Buyer not being made public?  Do these Settlement Agreements prohibit PPA Buyers from making certain public statements about the settlement?  

5) How much have the PPA terminations cost the Balancing Pool to date?  Is this cost on track to be more than the $2 billion loss initially estimated by the Government?

6) How much more cost relating to the PPA terminations is the Balancing Pool expected to incur between now and the end of 2020 when the last remaining PPAs are set to expire?  Is this cost on track to be more than the $2 billion loss initially estimated by the Government?

7) Why did senior members of the Department of Energy, including the Minister of Energy, direct or exert pressure on the Balancing Pool Management and/or Board to delay the assessment and verification work relating to the PPA terminations that the Balancing Pool was required by Alberta law to complete under Section 2(1) of the Balancing Pool Regulation?  


8) What was the additional cost to Alberta electricity consumers of the Balancing Pool waiting one and a half years to terminate the Sundance B PPA and the Sundance C PPA and three years to terminate the Battle River 5 PPA.   Did the Government influence or direct the Balancing Pool on this decision?

9)  Did the Government give the Balancing Pool Board and/or Management any direction relating to making below market offers of the Balancing Pool controlled PPA electricity into the electricity market?   

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